Turbocharged Performance for Less

Junkyard turbos are the perfect solution for car enthusiasts looking to boost performance without breaking the bank. Experienced turbo experts can help you find the right turbo for your vehicle at a fraction of the price of a new one, ensuring reliable and efficient boosted performance.
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turbo rebuild

We at JunkyardTurbo are experts in providing turbo rebuilds for all vehicle makes and models at competitive prices. All labor and parts used in the rebuild are covered by a warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles, and the company only uses high-quality parts installed by experienced technicians.


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turbo tuning

Turbo tuning requires both knowledge and skill to achieve the desired results. Junkyardturbos offers both with their diverse selection of high-quality components to suit any budget. Junkyardturbos has everything you need for your build, including complete turbo kits and individual parts like wastegates and BOVs.


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turbo setup

Junkyardturbos simplifies turbo setup. Our turbo setup service maximizes engine efficiency and vehicle performance. Advanced turbo technology gives you superior horsepower and torque for the track or highway. Fast installation and reliable customer service make turbo setup easy.


Maximum Performance!

At JunkyardTurbos, we specialize in supercharging and turbocharging both gasoline and diesel engines. We offer a wide range of products designed to boost power and efficiency while providing superior quality and reliability. From easy drop-in systems to full custom builds, we have the resources necessary to provide the maximum performance that you’re looking for in a package tailored specifically to your needs.


8 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Support

Why Choose Us

Junkyardturbos is the place to go for unbeatable turbocharger solutions. With our outstanding selection of parts and services, you can rest assured that your vehicle will get the best performance possible. Our experienced technicians have years of industry experience, so we know exactly what to look for in a turbocharger solution. Plus, with our competitive prices and fast shipping times, you’ll get your order in no time at all.


Revived & Ready to Race

Our knowledgeable staff will happily provide you with personalized advice to ensure that you get the perfect part for your needs.


Customization Options: Our experienced technicians can customize any turbo to meet your specific needs.


"At JunkyardTurbos, we believe that no dream is too big and no challenge is too difficult. So let's get to work!"

Junkyardturbos is a turboperformance authority with an expert team. Their team of performance specialists specializes in turbocharging. They have years of industry experience and provide high-quality products and service.

The company has offered unique builds, complete rebuilds, and turbo system modifications since 1999. They also design and manufacture innovative parts for vehicles. Junkyardturbos’ trained professionals can handle everything from small adjustments to complete overhauls.


Our Mission and Vision


junkyardturbos provides customers with highly efficient and dependable turbocharger solutions to enhance their vehicles’ performance. We are committed to offering quality products at competitive prices, backed by outstanding customer service and technical support.



At junkyardturbos, we strive to be the premier provider of high-quality turbochargers for all vehicles, offering supreme performance and reliability for any driver.




Turbocharge Now!

Many car and truck owners choose turbochargers to boost engine power and efficiency. New turbo industry technology emerges daily. "Junkyard Turbos" discusses turbo industry innovations and how they benefit vehicle owners.

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